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George Anthony Ashurst
4205 SE 91st Ave.
Portland, Oregon 97266



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09/19/2009 16:39
Greatful for my history and 11 years of experience working for MAC  cosmetics.  From this experience a wealth of knowleldge is mine and as well something  own and can take with me forward in everything I do and any all experiences and examples of my professionalism.  The skill...



 Music, Dance, Choreography, Lyrics, Art, My Artistry, Singers,  Poetry,  Performances, Movies That left an imprint on my brain, Sensuality, Sexuality, masculinity femininity, Confidence, Self Realization, Return to pure light force energy,   My creations and visual images, The Universe, cosmos, Supernovas, birth of stars, death of stars, supermassive black holes,   Karma, Ohm  Consciousness,   NOVEMBER 11,  11:11  11:11 , My Life soundtrack,  Life scrapbook, ....  These are the things that best sum and describe  .