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09/19/2009 16:39
Greatful for my history and 11 years of experience working for MAC  cosmetics.  From this experience a wealth of knowleldge is mine and as well something  own and can take with me forward in everything I do and any all experiences and examples of my professionalism.  The skill...

11:11 11:11

NOV.11 1973 11:11 a.m. = 11:11  (1010, or  2= 11)  11:11 a.m.

Do you believe in signs? 

A few years ago when I turned 30 yrs. old I started randomly catching 11:11  on digital clocks sometimes on pieces of mail or magazines or in change counted back etc.  Soon this accidental randomness became  a blt more often and took me past the feeling of accidental and random and was more like a sighn popping up in many situaltions throughout the course of a day, or a week  until  its began to be always on my mind.    One day I google searced it and ... Lets just say a ton of  stuff surfaced and all I can say is im not alone and its not just a random sign that simply has one meaning ,

 HEY!  ....    What time is it ?



11:11 11:11


10/13/2009 01:24
THIS MEDITATION IS QUITE BEAUTIFUL  ....  WHEN I FIRST EXPERIENCED THIS I SWEAR  I FELT LIKE THIS WAS ..."HOME" or like I 'd been there before ,... it was weird Im my mind , this world of light looked SO FAMILIAR TO ME....