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George Anthony Ashurst
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Makeup Rtistry Price Listing

Master Makeup Rtistry

09/19/2009 16:39
Greatful for my history and 11 years of experience working for MAC  cosmetics.  From this experience a wealth of knowleldge is mine and as well something  own and can take with me forward in everything I do and any all experiences and examples of my professionalism.  The skill...

Market America

09/20/2009 16:28

SHOPPING ANYONE?  Just about whatever you want from Bestbuy, to disney, Nordstrom to Walmart.  What first grabbed my attention were the Health and Nutrition products , which are absolutely revolutionary completely affordable and Absoultely WORTH IT ! Check out and investigate items like OPC-3   and Ultimate Aloe Isontonix blends like Ashanti's BEAUTY BLEND for hair skin and nails !  Find out what people are talking about all over You Tube !  Its like shopping at a Mall with no walls !  Also when you sign in to my Web Portal you get 2% cash back on all purchases !                Market America is a force to be reconned with powered by Google and Microsoft , Green products and awareness, Providing needs and must haves From the most advanced skin care and anti-aging products  to your pets, the water you drink to web design and even Music Artist Promotion.  Its Amazing , well worth it ,  and so are you ! If you need any help or guidance please feel free to contact me and I can be your personal shopper !  Bringing the CUSTOMIZABLE SHOPPING EXPERIENCE  TO YOU!